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Throughout the years, our elders took care to cultivate the dance with great care, leaving us an immense variety of dances of which today a good amount is still recognized. That vast inheritance includes labor dances that recreate the daily chore, traditional dances that emerged in the quilombos, palenques and gangs of freedmen and lounge dances, which our old people picked up from the Spaniards when they saw them dance in their haciendas and recreated them in secret mocking their patterns and transforming a rigid and cold dance into a dance full of cadence and sensuality.

Our staging represents the legacy of our ancestors represented in dances such as cumbia, bambuco, currulao, joropo, mapale among many others.

Vieje Por Colombia


Culture, art and tradition

The initiative

The Mazai Artistic Corporation is born from the initiative of a group of cultural entrepreneurs who come together to produce quality artistic products that can compete with the nascent cultural companies in the department of the valley and contribute to the development of the municipality of Palmira.

The Mazai Artistic Corporation has as its premise the promotion of culture and art, the generation of income from the advice, production and promotion of artistic proposals and products in the municipality of Palmira, the department of the valley and nationally and internationally.

Where did Mazai?

Masai is a semi-nomadic Africa tribe. It is formed by more than 880,000 individuals that live in; Southern Kenya and in northern Tanzania. The Maasai are described as a warrior tribe.

Before the colonization, they were a warlike people who lived from predation. Currently, they are nomadic herders of bovines, sheep and goats, around which their economic wealth revolves, and although they maintain the traditional religion, they have adopted some forms of Christianity.

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Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

We are an artistic corporation dedicated to developing and promoting cultural projects that meet the highest standards of the cultural industry.

Motivated to offer to the cultural market projects of the highest quality. By 2022 we will be an Artistic Corporation with a high participation in the market of the cultural sector at local, national and international level, offering a wide portfolio of cultural proposals dedicated to promote and spread our ancestral culture.

Our corporation has: A body of dancers composed of 8 couples who perform dances from different geographical areas of the country, such as; currulao, cumbia, bambuco, joropo, porro, mapale, fandango, juga, abozao among others. We also have a representative dance of the Cauca Valley, as is the sugar cane cutter.

In the same way we have a traditional music group with the marimba, chirimía and atlantic coast formats, it is made up of 8 musicians with an extensive tour in traditional music.

Entre yerbas, ungüentos y rezos

Mazai Artistic Corporation

Our scenic proposal seeks to represent the ancestral customs of our peoples of the Colombian Pacific where beliefs passed from generation to generation converge that spread the strange, the magical, the inexplicable, the legacy appropriation of our African ancestors.

At the level of the Pacific coast, the African and indigenous cultural traditions have managed to manage the properties that many medicinal plants have in the treatment of allopathic diseases such as those that have a lot to do with the belief of the magical, the religious and the worldview of the world, as a starting point to understand some facts such as the scares, the evil eye, the bad air, the stone evil, evil spirits, the schools commonly produce in people who suffer from it, physical manifestations such as headaches, fever, stomach pain, vomiting, lack of appetite, thinness, bladders in the body among others.

Viaje por Colombia

Mazai Artistic Corporation

Tour of Colombia is a compendium of the rhythms and dances most representative of our Colombian folklore, making a trip through the different geographical areas of our country.
Cumbia, bambuco, joropo, levanta polvo, guaneña, pilanderas, currulao among others, are expressions of a people full of diversity that we share a single feeling, being Colombians.

Colombia is a beautiful land full of diversity and its folklore is not the exception, it has a great attraction for its landscapes, its people, its economic and industrial development and also because it has a great cultural variety that makes this country a paradise the earth.

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Mazai Artistic Corporation


Mazai Artistic Corporation

For this commitment abroad we will be represented by the PROAVID FOUNDATION, in the same way we are supported by another series of foundations in which we relate the logo of your organization.